Looking to List Your Business, Home or Investment Property?

Our team of experienced Realtors can position  your beach or vacation property to reach local, national and international buyers.  Our office at 6975 A1A is located in the hub of Crescent Beach.  Our team of professionals have been connecting buyers and sellers with the right property and the right financing since 1982! We are members of the National and Local Boards of Realtors and use a variety of advertising, social and professional networks and interactive media to attract a larger pool of buyers, to net you the fastest sale at the highest price.

Business Owners

We are local, experienced and seasoned real estate and hospitality professionals who are active members of the Saint Augustine tourism and real estate/business brokerage community!  Let us help YOU formulate your exit plan.

We know of few business owners who do not dream of retirement!  Let us help you establish the value on your business and find the perfect timing for the sale.

Most business owners, when polled, cite fear of the competition or their customers as their number one barrier to listing their business for sale. We provide a complimentary and confidential consultation to examine the financial metrics of your business and help you establish a value. When listing with us, the confidential nature of your sale will be protected. That includes the vetting of potential co-brokers and their clients as well as every inquiry we receive. 

Our team of experienced professionals network locally and internationally with buyers and financial intermediaries to facilitate the fastest sale possible, at the highest possible price. We are experienced in SBA and other creative financing mediums and make deals that others simply can not. We stay active throughout all phases of the sale and the transition to provide a seamless exit for you and entry for the new owner.

Member IBBA and cited as INDUSTRY EXPERT of restaurant and food service sales.