Top 4 Must Haves of Real Estate Agents

Whenever you wish to buy a property, who do you call on (aside from the help of the internet)? A real estate agent. A good real estate agent strives to sort through the noise and clutter to get you the best home that you budget allows. The reason we say good, is that there may be some real estate agents who complicate the buying process further instead of simplifying it. Therefore you need to look for the following qualities in a real estate agent to get the best experience.

1. They must have a License
This may sound like a no brainer, but make sure to check if your real estate agents are licensed. Visit their website and find out what their customers say about the work that they do. They must be licensed by a relevant regulatory authority and display the logo of these authorities. In our case this authority is the Florida Real Estate Commission and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. And to add to our credibility, we are members of many organizations relative to tourism, real estate and hospitality.

2. They must have and show Integrity
Sure, every real estate agent claims to have integrity in what they do, but it only counts if it is shown. The real estate agent should show that your interests are at the top of their mind. Their own personal interests come second. The Real Estate agent’s commission may be impacted by a loss, sure, but the overall impact on the sale is much greater than that. If you, as a buyer, are looking for a beach condo with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen, the real estate agent should show all condos fitting that description, not just the ones offering a hefty commission.

3. They must have honesty and communicate effectively
If the customer expresses their concerns about the flooring, walls or windows, the agents should be truthful in giving advice. They should be able to do so from experience. No matter how probing or tough the buyer’s question is, they should not hesitate to advise the customer regarding their concerns. This is especially important if the client is new. The client will only be gained if the buyer trusts the agent and takes them into confidence. The agent must also be available to address the buyers needs and not leave them hanging.

4. They must have knowledge
They should know how to handle a purchase contract and negotiate. Just being licensed doesn’t cut it. It takes true salesmanship to make a good real estate agent. The real estate agent must have the knowledge and experience in handling the particular types of real estate that the buyer wants. A real estate agent who focuses purely on residential or commercial real estate is ideal for the two, respectively.

A good real estate agent is also personable and reliable. At Beach Estate Brokers we make sure to prioritize your concerns over yours and have the necessary experience that will get you the house of your dreams. Call us now at 904-415-8489 for further information.